SMT reflow oven machine PCBA reflow soldering

Dual Rail Conveyor
3 cooling zones
Weight Appx.:3060Kg
Dimension 6300*1680*1530mm
Product description: 10 zones Dual Rail SMT Reflow Oven KTR-1000D, Dual Rail Conveyor, 3 cooling zones, Weight Appx.:3060Kg, Dimension: 6300*1680*1530mm


SMT reflow oven machine PCBA reflow soldering


F series double rail Reflow soldering technology parameters
SeriesF series double rail
Heating zonesUP 8 / down 8Up 10 / down 10Up 12 / down 12
Cooling zonesUp 2 /down 2 or UP 3 / down 3(optional)
Heating zone length2900mm3600mm4400mm
PCB maximum widthRail type:400mm Belt type: 550mm
Rail wide adjust range50-400mm
Transport directionL→R(R→L)
Fixing method of transport guide rail

Frontoptionalback end

Conveyor heightBelt:900±20mm,Chain:900±20mm
Transmission wayChain+ belt
Conveyor speed300-2000mm/Min
The power supply3-phase 380V 50 / 60Hz
Starting power35Kw48Kw68Kw
Normal work consumed powerApprox.7.5KwApprox.8.5KwApprox.10Kw
Heating up timeAbout 15-20minutes
The temperature control rangeRoom Temperature-350℃
Temperature control modeFull computer PID closed loop control, SSR drive
The whole machine control modeComputer +PLC
The temperature control precision±1℃
The deviation of PCB temperature distribution±1-2℃
Cooling wayAir machine: air cooling, nitrogen machine: water cooling
Abnormal alarmAbnormal temperature (ultra high or ultra low after constant temperature)
Three color lightYellow - temperature rise; Green - constant temperature; Red anomaly
Exhaust air requirements10 cubic / min 2 channel ∮ 200mm