SMT PCB solder paste curing curing oven

Product name Curing oven
Color AS Picture
Delivery time Quantity
Size 2200×1160×1300mm


 SMT PCB solder paste curing curing oven


Product name Curing oven
 Color AS Picture
 Delivery time Quantity
 Size 2200×1160×1300mm

 1. The heating method adopts short-wave infrared IR heating tube, which can

 quickly penetrate into the inner layer to reach the drying inside the watch. The   power supply is 380V6KW, and it only takes 10 minutes from room temperature to   120℃.
 2.Hot air circulation mode: after the outside air is heated in the oven, it keeps   circulating up and down in the box, and the remaining waste gas is discharged   through the exhaust port.
 3. Temperature control: adjustable from room temperature to 200℃, the   temperature difference in the box is ±5℃ when constant temperature.With over   temperature alarm automatic power off device, double temperature control, avoid   high temperature when the temperature control failure to burn out the product.